Tim Marshall Come Close Second in Clash With Stationary Car!
Wed 10 Dec 2003 
Club news item

Burly Aussie all-rounder had a close encounter with the back end of a car on Sunday when he accidentally rode his bike into the back of the vehicle when it stopped unexpectedly. Suggestions of back-end-of-bus meets back-end-of-car at this point would be inappropriate - so we won't make them!

Whilst anyone who has collided with Tim mid-pitch would not be surprised to hear that the car was written off – our team mate’s “dashing good looks” have been slightly rearranged – thanks to some titanium bolts inserted at King’s Hospital yesterday.

The good news is that he should be out in the next day or so – the even better news is that he’ll be on a "soup and beer" diet for quite a while! Doped up on morphine – Tim refused to comment on suggestions that this was just an extreme way to receive some long overdue plastic surgery – but he did lay to rest any suggestion that the injuries would have any long-term affect on his legendary sledging abilities.

"That car's the first thing I've middled in months!" the heroic Aussie admitted “and at least I missed the World Cup parade!” he concluded.

Fellow Aussie Martin Cowling reports "Tim had an unfortunate altercation with a windscreen - concussion, smashed jaw and nose(i think) but they've been pumping him full of morphine and making him watch re-runs of jonnie's cup winning kick!"

For anyone able to make a visit he's on Twining Ward at Kings - visiting hours are 2-8 each day. Direct line to ward is 73463302 - though understandably he can not speak easily and so I did not ask to be put through to him. Meantime, I'll get a card passed round at Thursday's dinner & will deliver it with his batting momento.