AGM 2004 Agenda
Mon 05 Jan 2004 
Club news item

Pacific Cricket Club 

Annual General Meeting 2004


Penderel Oaks, Monday 12 January 2004 at 6.30 P.M.


1	Minutes of Last Meeting

To be approved.

2	Reports

Treasurer, I Captain, II Captain, Indoor Captain, Equipment Officer, 
Fixture Secretary and Social Secretary.

3	Election of Club Posts

I Captain, I Vice Captain, II Captain, II Vice Captain, 8's Captain, 8's Vice Captain, Treasurer, 
Vice Treasurer, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Fixture Secretary, Equipment Officer, 
Social Secretary and Webmaster.

Although not binding on meeting (at which any proposals can be made) I have received 
the following proposals:

1 Captain David Murray (prop Nigel Wilkinson, 2nd Jim Davies)
1 Vice-captain Nigel Wilkinson (prop David Murray, 2nd Jim Davies)
Kit officer Jim Davies (Prop. Nigel Wilkinson, 2nd David Murray)

I am very pleased to note that Ben Hardisty will be happy to continue as webmaster.

I will definitely be standing down as 8's captain so please have a think about this if you 
would like to stand or know some-one who can do a better job than me (not too difficult!) 
and add to the club's trophy cabinet!   Generally, if you have any thoughts/proposals on 
these things and can't be at the meeting then please let me know.

4	New Constitution

As placed on the Club website – to be discussed and agreed (or not) . Certain comments 
have been received by the Chairman which can be raised at the meeting.  Please advise 
Chairman if you have comments and will not be present. 

5	Election of members and associate members

The secretary will advise those club members who have not played in at least 12 games in 
2003 (if this is still a requirement following 4 above).

No person has, as yet, been proposed for full membership (but this may be advised to the 
Chairman before the meeting or at the meeting itself).

No person has, as yet, been proposed for associate or social membership (but this may be 
advised to the Chairman before the meeting or at the meeting itself).

6	Charity

That the club adopts the Premature Baby Unit, Whittington Hospital as its designated charity 
(Jim Davies) for the Year.

7	Update on Tours

PH to advise.

8	Winter nets

PH to advise.

9	Presidents Draw

10	AOB

Minutes from Pacific CC EGM

Penderel Oaks, Monday 24 February 2003 at 7.00 P.M.


1	Chairman called the meeting called to order 7.20pm. Present:- Peter Hollman, Steve Lay, 
Jonathan Campbell, Darryl Roberts, David Murray, Leon Yates, Jim Davies and Craig Jones.
	Apologies received from Adrian Duthie, Nigel Wilkinson, Shayne Rees, Marcel Boonaert,
 Ben Hardisty, Matthew Ralph, John Hill and Allan Roberts.    

2  	The Chairman first made some general comments concerning the need for the EGM which can 
be summarised as follows:

Two issues at the AGM have caused some concern among certain members and has led to the 
calling of this EGM.   In a nutshell the concerns are (a)a change to the rules regarding 
changing the match fee was passed at the AGM but was not included in the agenda – this is 
contrary to club rules and so this resolution is invalid and (b) some members have contended
 that a member of the club was removed as a member of the rules in contravention of the club 
rules. now clearly there are two points of view on this; however the removal of a member of 
our club is a very important issue and needs to be approached in a very careful manner.

Finally, the consequence of all the above is that it is arguable (at least by some) that all the 
resolutions at the AGM need to be ratified again – what the Chairman proposed is that the 
resolutions of the AGM are ratified "in one go".

3	Motion - membership 

	"That the club membership is increased to 26"

After much discussion the motion was voted on. Motion proposed by JD, seconded by DM. 
Voting : 6 for, 0 against, 1 abstention. Motion passed.

	The meeting expressed the view that this issue should be reviewed at next
	year's AGM.
	JD proposed a motion that all 5 membership candidates (Tim Marshall, Peter Czabotar, Guy
Wiehahn, Lucius Faisal & Craig Jones) are thereby elected to full membership. Seconded by 
DM.  Passed unanimously.

4	Captain/Vice captain motion

Motion – "THAT valid nominations for any captaincy or vice-captaincy position must be
 submitted in writing to the Chairman no less than 9 days before the date of the AGM and 
having received confirmation of a willingness to stand from each nominee the Chairman shall 
list the nominees in the Agenda for the AGM; (ii) no nominations subsequent to such deadline 
will be accepted unless there are no nominees for a position listed in the Agenda; and (iii) 
Members may submit a proxy vote in advance of the AGM through the Chairman for any 
captaincy or vice-captaincy position."

Again, after lengthy discussion, JD proposes the motion. Seconded by DM. 2 voted in favour 
and 2 against, (there were 3 abstentions).  After further discussion. JC concluded that no one 
would be changing their vote and that he was compelled to use his casting vote. Although he 
could see the arguments both ways, chairman decided that on the basis that only 2 members 
had voted in favour of the change (and he had received no other positive indications from 
other club members) it is not for the chairman to endorse change to the constitution so the 
casting vote was issued in favour of the status quo.

5	Financial motions

(a)	"That, for this year only, the discount of £5 (rule 5.1.4) applies until 1 April"

	SL proposed, seconded by DR. Passed unanimously

(b)	"That the method of calculating match fees be amended to a flat rate of £2 per player per 
match regardless of home or away and method of transport to or from the game. "

Chairman read out the treasurer's view.  In summary, the current system is a significant 
administrative overhead to the club and the treasurer, current system does not take into 
consideration where members have travelled from to get to a game. i.e. someone making their 
own way to a game but travelling 2 hours to get there will be charged more than another who 
travels 20 minutes and gives someone a lift, many of the clubs' home games are now 
significantly further away than away games and so providing a discount for driving with a 
passenger to an away game is not logical; the current system does not account for situations 
where a lift to a game is from one person and home is from a second.

After further discussion. DM proposed the motion. LY seconded. 3 in favour and 2 against. 
Motion carried.

6	Ratification of all AGM resolutions 

	PH proposed motion. DR seconded Motion carried with 6 in favour, 0 against & 1


A	JD proposed payment by direct debit & that the treasurer should circulate
	the bank details to all members so direct debit mandates can be set up. Seconded
	by DR.
	Motion passed 6 in favour, 0 against, 1 abstention.
B 	SL proposes that new set of rules should be constructed & rewritten by the
	time of the next AGM which the meeting wished the Chairman to arrange.

C	JD proposed that a light blue Cambridge coloured commemorative polo shirts
are 23 August 2003 at Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge to celebrate the 20th anniversary.  
The cost of no more than £15 will be part of the match fee. Seconded by PH.
	4 in favour, 0 against, 3 abstentions. Motion carried.
The meeting closed at 9.25PM.