AGM - the key changes
Tue 13 Jan 2004 
Club news item

Thanks to all those who turned up for 1 of the best attended AGMs. I would hope, in conjuction with the outgoing Chairman, to publish the minutes within the next or 2. Meanwhile - here are the key changes...

David Murray is the new Club Captain & his new VC is Nigel Wilkinson. Rob Bastin is the 8-a-side Captain & Steve Emmins his VC. Shayne Rees is the new Treasurer & Guy Wiehahn his assistant. Lyn & Louise are the new Joint Social Secretaries.Leon Yates is the new Chairman & Guy Wiehahn his vice. Tim Marshall is the new President.

The new Club Constitution was discussed & the major changes are:- No upper limit on Full Membership, a new catagory of Overseas Membership (level with Associates). Suns to go up to 35 p.a. Match fees 3 per player unless driving other players or club bag to ground - then FOC.

Membership:- The following have all been offered Full Membership - Martin Cowling, Oli Haill, Rob Bastin, Kurt Rademaker, Colin Black, Phil Spearpoint, & Ed Blake. Associate Membership :- Nick Rollitt, Peter May & Paul O'Leary.