AGM Minutes published
Tue 03 Feb 2004 
Club news item

12/1/04 Minutes Annual General Meeting – Pacific Cricket Club at the Penderel Oaks, Holborn. Present:- Peter Hollman (PH), Steve Lay (SL), Paul Attwood (PA), [Rob Bastin (RB)], Matt Patel (HP), [Olli Haill (OH)], Tim Marshall (TM), Jim Davies (JD), Shayne Rees (SR), Leon Yates (LY), Jonathan Campbell (JC), David Murray (DM), Guy Wiehahn (GW), [Martin Cowling (MC)] Apologies:- Ian Lay, Darryl Roberts, Peter Czabotar, Matthew Ralph, Craig Jones, Adrian Duthie.

Meeting commenced at 6.40 pm.

1. Minutes of Last Meeting.

Approval proposed by PH, seconded by JD. Passed unanimously. 2. Reports.

Treasurer. No report submitted.

I Captain. No report submitted.

I Vice Captain. DM said “it was a great year, not as good as last year, but hopefully better next year.”

II Captain. No report submitted.

Indoor Captain. PH said “A dreadful season. Lost all 3 games only one of which was even vaguely close.”

Equipment Officer. JD said it was an excellent season. (An inventory has since been taken & will be published separately. In addition, JD has also ordered supplementary items.)

Fixture Secretary. The Chairman referred all those present to the report posted on the website.

Social Secretary. In Nimisha’s absence, JD proposed a vote of thanks. Those present expressed their approval.

Webmaster. Ben Hardisty (BH)’s report attached.

3. Elections of Club posts.

I Captain. DM proposed by Nigel Wilkinson (NVW), Seconded by JD. Elected unopposed.

I Vice Captain. NVW proposed by DM, seconded by JD. Elected unopposed.

II Captain. SL proposed by SR. Seconded by GW Elected unopposed.

II Vice Captain. PA proposed by JD. Seconded by PH. Elected unopposed.

8s Captain. RB proposed by TM, seconded by PA. Elected unopposed.

8s Vice Captain. Steve Emmins (SE) proposed by PH, seconded by SR. Darryl Roberts (DR) proposed by JD, seconded by GW. SE elected by 7 votes to 3.

Treasurer. RB proposed by GW seconded by SR. SR proposed by LY, seconded by PA. Votes were 4 – 4 with 1 abstention. The Chairman’s casting vote went to SR.

Vice Treasurer. GW proposed by JD, seconded by LY. Elected unopposed.

Fixture Secretary. PH proposed by DM. Seconded by SR. Elected unopposed.

Equipment Officer. JD proposed by NVW, seconded by DM. Elected unopposed.

Social Secretary. Lynn Stuart & Louise pairing proposed by TM, seconded by LY. Nimisha proposed by SR, seconded by DM. Natalie proposed by JD, seconded by PH. Lyn & Louise pairing elected 5-2.

Webmaster. BH proposed by SL, seconded by JD. Elected unopposed.

Chairman. LY proposed by SR, seconded by JD. JC proposed by DM, seconded by SL. LY elected by vote of 6-2 with 1 abstention.

Vice Chairman. GW proposed by DM, seconded by JD. Elected unopposed.

7.17pm Drinks break. 7.25pm Resumption.

4. New Constitution.

The reformed constitution (AKA Club Rules) have since been posted by the outgoing Chairman. The following minutes the decision making process & voting.

1.1.1. Fixed number of Full Membership or not. If so – how many ?. HP proposed 30 for practical reasons as will have to annually revisit. JD proposed an unlimited number citing example that RB as an Associate played in every game he wanted to, therefore in practice, this reform would not be problematical. SL says The Club would stand to lose the mechanism to jettison players by agreeing to JD’s proposal. . However, this aside, SL agreed with JD although players may find players not getting their chosen games. JD agreed to the retention of the 12 game minimum rule but the Chairman ruled this to be otiose. SL added that not paying fees would also leave the Club with the ability to eject undesirables.. HP reiterated an approximate ceiling of 30 Full members. SL expressed his preference that an unlimited number would be preferable. It was then agreed to insert an additional clause. 1.1.5 The Club must agree to disqualify any individual at a formally convened meeting.

1.2 Other Memberships. In addition to these subsections, TM proposed an additional clause 1.2.3. Overseas membership. Any returning overseas player who was previously a Full member will be eligible for selection after Full Members but before Associates & that no annual membership fee would be instigated. Seconded by PH. Passed unanimously.

1.1.2 Date amended to 1st of June before a Full member is suspended if he has not paid his previous year’s debts.

3.3 Elections. A vote was taken as to whether the Chairman could decide the voting method or those present at the meeting. The voting went with the chairman’s discretion by 5-4 & 1 abstention.

Re meetings TM believes people should always be encouraged to attend meetings in person & email voting discouraged at all costs. A vote in favour however of email voting was passed by 5-4 with 1 abstention.

4.3.1 HP felt that there should be no quorum if email voting taken into consideration but the meeting felt otherwise. Fees. 6.1 Some felt that there is no need to increase annual subs so a vote was taken between £30 & £35. The latter coming out on top by 5-4.

6.1.4 A £5 reduction for full settlement amended to 1st March from 1st April. 6.2 Match Fees. SR was keen to see the current match fee of a flat fee of £3 per player per game but the drivers who had given most lifts felt this was unfair. A vote of 6-2 with 1 abstention found in favour of the amended proposal of £3 per person per game but £0.00 for any driver taking another player or the club kit bag either to or from the game.

7.1 Club colours were discussed but agreed to retain .

A drinks break was taken at 8.40pm & the meeting resumed at 8.45pm

5. Election of Members & associate Members.

Resignations were recorded from TM, Peter Czabotar & Matt Ralph (all of whom become Overseas Members) & BH who is automatically offered Associate membership which he agreed to in advance. The following were proposed for Full membership. Martin Cowling. Proposed by JD. Seconded by PA. Elected 7-1 . 1 abstention. 1 absent. Olli Haill Proposed by DM. Seconded by LY. Elected 10-0. Rob Bastin. Proposed by PH. Seconded by SR. Elected 10-0. Kurt Rademaker. Proposed by TM. Seconded by JD. Elected 5-0. 5 abstentions. Colin Black Proposed by PH Seconded by JD Elected 7-0. 3 abstentions. Phil Spearpoint. Proposed by JD. Seconded by SR. Elected 7-1. 2 abstentions. Ed Blake. Proposed by JD. Seconded by PA. Elected 5-1. 4 abstentions. Associate Membership:- Nick Rollitt Proposed by JD Seconded by SR. Elected 4-1. 5 abstentions. Peter May Proposed by SR. Seconded by GW. Elected 4-2. 4 abstentions. Paul O’Leary Proposed by SR. Seconded by GW Elected 4-2. 4 abstentions.

6. The Club agreed to adopt the Premature baby Unit at Whittington Hospital as the designated charity for 2004 & that a charity will be voted upon annually.

7. Update on tours. References from the Fixture Secretary’s Report relating to tours were presented. The full report is on the web site for viewing.

8. Winter Nets. Members were advised that 7 nets at the Oval & 6 in NW3 have been secured & that applications would be taken immediately after the conclusion of the meeting.

9. President. Despite a purely nominal position given its’ absence from the 2004 Fixture list, A president was voted upon. TM was proposed by DM & seconded by LY. SR was proposed by SR & seconded by SR (!) . Wirth 1 abstention, TM was elected by 8-2.

10. AOB.

The meeting recorded thanks to the outgoing Chair who in turn paid a fulsome tribute to the outgoing Club Captain. In addition, JD proposed a vote of thanks to the Club sponsor – Travel Extras. GW also proposed a vote of thanks to the outgoing Treasurer Matthew Ralph.. JD was asked to investigate availability & costs of club caps based on the 20th anniversary design.

The meeting was called to a closed at 9.15pm.