Roberts Duopoly as Hollman Bags (Another) Wooden Spoon
Mon 15 Mar 2004 
Club news item

As a precursor to the 2004 tournament, Allan & Darryl played the 2003 Final which Allan won 3-1 & deservedly so according to Darryl.

Sad to report however, only Peter Hollman, turned up for this year's event & so an Australian style World Series was contrived only for the outsider to be eliminated before the brothers could play one another again. With their group game becoming superflous, the brothers undertook their 2nd final of the night while your reported headed back to Tufnell Park - clutching a record third Wooden Spoon of the year.

"Firstly the 2003 final: I won the 1st in a black-ball game when Darryl fouled the black, he won the second comfortably, I won the 3rd on the black, you saw the 4th when I stuck in a 28 & found some form. 3 - 1 was v. flattering to me. The 2004 final (best of 3) was a different kettle of fish. Darryl got into the zone (well he was into his third Guinness by then) and I only won the second by coming back from well behind on the colours. He won the first & third easily, made three 22 breaks, including a brown to black clearance to end the match & ran out a well deserved winner. Couldn't tell you frame scores We reckon that I held the trophy for just under three hours. Ho hum."