Baglivi Wins Battle of the Behemoths!
Tue 16 Mar 2004 
Club news item

Pacific darts (and bowling) legend – “Grandad” John Baglivi – stormed to a convincing win in last night’s darts finals. There were no horse racing style upsets (thankfully there were no unexpected dismounts) as Baglivi overcame first Jim Davies 2-0 in the semi and then fellow veteran John Hill 3-1 in the final. Hill had earlier beaten Matt Holliday 2-1 in their semi. Davies compounded a disappointing evening for virus-sufferer Holliday by taking the 3rd place playoff.

With a gaggle of (largely disinterested) spectators boosting the turnout – Hill and Holliday played a semi-final of surprisingly low standard – at one stage a sequence of 7 darts in the 1 bed was broken only when Holliday missed the board altogether! However Hill managed to get the better of the exchanges on the doubles – one leg finishing in a prolonged sequence of misses for both men on double one.

In the second semi – top seed Baglivi had to come from behind in the first leg as Davies shocked everyone by hitting a sequence of treble twenties – but then reverted to type by missing the vital doubles. Baglivi took no prisoners with a massive 140 seeing him coast home in the second leg.

The third place playoff saw the standard of play plunge to new depths – at least as far as the finishing was concerned. Mercifully it was played over only one leg – as both players scored quite well – but then ended up on a seemingly endless quest for double one. After an eternity (and a further round of drinks) at last Davies fluked one in and it was time for the main event.

The match was played to a standard that befitted two men who have dominated the Pacific darts trophy. The two behemoths of Pacific darts squared up to one another in a titanic struggle. John Hill managed to get to a finish first in two of the legs – only to see John Baglivi race past him with a deadly finish. One win against the darts was enough for Baglivi to seal a 3-1 win to claim yet another Pacific darts trophy.

1st. Jon Baglivi

2nd. John Hill

3rd. Jim Davies

4th. Matt Holliday