Our sincerest condolences & sympathy to all the Brown Family
Sat 04 Sep 2004 
Club news item


From David Murray (Club Captain)

""I heard about Tom's death on the radio before the match. The only reason we played yesterday was because we could not be sure it was Tom. Nigel and I decided it was best not to say anything before the match and play on given nothing was confirmed. In hindsight, perhaps we should not have played. The game itself was pretty meaningless as Tom's death puts everything in perspective. I think everyone in the club who met and played with Tom will be touched and hugely sadened by his loss. This is a terrible and tragic waste of life. While I realise nothing we can say or do at this time will make any difference, our thoughts are with Jon and his family at this terrible time."

From Peter Hollman (Club Secretary)

"Just to say that some of you will already have heard that Tom Brown who was playing his 1st season with us was stabbed & killed on Saturday night. This is beyond tragic & puts all else into perspective. Our thoughts go out to his family but especially, his brother Jon who along with Joe Bennett introduced him to the club this year.

From Nigel Wilkinson (Club VC & who skippered Tom in all but 1 of his games)

I can only agree with your sentiments on this and wish in retrospect that we had not played the match. It was a tricky situation having to make a decision in the middle of the square with little concrete information and with a sense of not being able to really take it in. The incident does as you say ‘put everything into perspective’.

It is particularly devastating as Tom played a large part in getting us this far in the cup. He only played a few times for us and the first I saw of him was in the first cup match where he was so keen he persuaded me to give him a go at bowling. He looked good, but was a bit wayward, as he had not played for a few years. I was thinking of taking him off after about 5 overs, but he bowled a decent over and I decided to give him one more. He then bowled better and better and completed a tight spell which helped keep the oppo’s score down contributing to our win.

In the Bentley Heath game, I decided to give him a chance to open the bowling as I thought he had a great attitude to the game and was really keen. He took the chance with both hands and bowled superbly, again contributing to our win. I really thought we had found a great addition to our team and that he would be playing for us for many years.

During the game he quietly asked me if his brother could have a bat as he didn’t get a bowl. I have to admit this annoyed me a little as I it’s always difficult to get these things right, but I had to admire him for sticking up for his brother who he was obviously close to. This must be really devastating for Jon and his family, and of course our hearts go out to them

Even though I didn’t know him for long I will remember Tom as friendly, enthusiastic cricketer who was a team member and just a great bloke. May he rest in peace. Nigel

From team mate Allan Roberts

"This is terrible, just terrible. Like you I only played with Tom once, just two weeks ago."

From team mate Braden Grigg

"I was wondering if you knew when and where Tom's funeral was. I didn't really believe it was him until I saw his picture in the paper this morning. If you know any details about his funeral, could you pass them onto to me as I'd really like to go and pay my respects."

From team mate Mike Alexander

"It's difficult for everybody at this time to think positively. I do not know what to say appropriately about this horrific incident."

From Jeff Barnes (FMS & Bentley Heath CC)

My sympathy and condolences to all concerned on behalf of Bentley Heath Cricket Club and the Federation of Middlesex Sports. As I played in the game last month I do remember him opening the bowling.regards. Jeff

From team mate Jim Davies

It is impossible to comprehend why anyone would do something like this. When Tom played his enthusiasm and willingness to "give it a go" impressed me - his wholehearted bowling certainly looked like it was going to be a big asset to the club in the future.

I just feel so very sad that someone would take away a young man's life for no apparent reason - and my heart goes out to his family and close friends who must be feeling this pain so much more acutely. I just saw an appeal from two of Tom's brothers - and I can only begin to imagine what Jon and his family must be feeling.

From Steve Lay (Tom's Captain in his last match v Fulmer CC 7/8/04)

I first met Tom only two weeks ago when we played against Fulmer. He opened the bowling and, despite bowling one or two chest-high beamers! (for which he was quick to apologise), soon settled into a probing line and length and was unfortunate not to pick up a couple of wickets. He fielded well, taking a catch high above his head and, batting at number 10, was able to steer the side past the ignominy of scoring Pacific's lowest ever score. I was looking forward to playing alongside him in the future. He seemed a friendly, likeable person who played the game in the right spirit. His death is a pointless waste and what his family must be going through is hard to imagine. I'm sad I will never have the chance to get to know him better.

From Rob Bastin, team mate & who played alongside Tom in all his matches.

Words are hard to come by when thinking about Tom. I played with him four or five times and he always struck me as a warm and friendly team mate. Our thoughts can only go to his family. I think the armbands are a good idea.

From Joe Phelan, Highgate CC

I heard about the incident in Southgate but had no idea he was connected with you. I'm really sorry, it's awful. Best wishes to everyone who knew him.

From Bob Dhillon, J P Morgan CC

"very sorry to read the article on one of your players ."

From Adrian Duthie, fellow Pacific CC & Pacific Albion FC team mate

i first met tom 11 years ago whilst playing football for pacific albion. tom had mainly played rugby at school but had such an enthusiasm and talent for sport he easily adapted to the physical rigours and technical demands of division 5 of the london sportsman sunday league! the fact that he was fit, 17 and could run all day helped a bit as well. he played up-front for us, often hurtling down the left wing delivering inch perfect crosses for others to all too often squander!

i have not seen him since the mid 1990's but was interested to see him re-appear in recent match reports playing cricket for pacific, along with jon. although i didn't have the chance to play with him this summer it's evident from the comments of others he maintained that enthusiasm and love of sport which brought him in contact with many friends.

i am desperately sorry for jon, and indeed all his family, who i know he was very close.

From Doug Gratton, occasional Pacific player, & Sports Editor, High & I & Ham & High.

Very sorry to hear about the sad events of the weekend.

From club member Colin Black

"Although, unfortunately, I did not have the chance to play in a side with Tom, the tributes here pay testimony to a fine sportsman and an amiable, likeable man. It is so regrettable that such a wanton act should deprive us of such a person. To Tom's family, and all who knew him, our thoughts are with you at this most terrible of times."

Team mate Sammy Purcell

"I played with Tom only once against Lessa Wanderers and remember him to be the enthusiam of the pacific side geering on the team whilst waiting to bat, A great guy. My thoughts and feelings are with Jon and his family at this sad time."

From former team mate Oli Haill

I played a couple of games with Tom and drank with him in the pub after both. I found him to be an enthusiastic cricketer as well as an amiable and cheerful person. I was shocked and sickened to hear of his death - it astonishes me that anyone would do this. My deepest sympathy goes to his family and friends.

From team mate Matt Holliday

Oh my God what an awful shock. Devastating news. If you do see Jon Brown before me please pass on my heart felt condolences.

from Tom Pagan (New Barbarian Weasals)

Very sorry to hear about your teammate Tom Brown's tragic death and anything you wish to do to pay respect to him on the day is absolutely fine with us.

From Stuart Blackley

Pete - as Chairman of the New Barbarian Weasels, I would like to pass on NBWCC's condolences following the senseless murder of Tom Brown. Please pass this on to his family at what must be an extremely distressing time for them. Our thoughts are with them. We will of course join you in observing a minutes silence on Saturday.

From Overseas Member & President, Tim Marshall

Such shocking news for all you guys. Obviously I never had the chance to meet Tom, but as a regular visitor to the web site it caused a great distress to see that this could happen to one of the team. Please pass on my condolences an my thoughts from this side of the world.

I guess the last thing you guys can think of at the moment is cricket, but hopefully you can remember Tom at all times - how about naming an award after him?

From John Hodge, Secretary / Fixtures Headstone CC

On behalf of Headstone CC I offer our condolences. Our members will of course join your club in observing a period of silence.

From Ian Goodall, Greenies CC (Grand Cayman) & Friend of Pacific CC

My condolences to your cricket club for the loss of a young and talented life - It always seems so obvious from afar that such loss of life is so needless and wasteful. Anyway , sorry to hear this as these things are tragic for all concerned.

From Russell Grant and the Federation of Middlesex Sports Directors and Members.

Dear Peter

I have just been made aware of the awful and senseless tragedy that Tom became a victim of.

Having heard all week about the murder whilst working in Scarborough it was brought home to me all the more when I read the news report sent to me by Jeff Barnes.

I cannot tell you how much my heart goes out to you, Pacific CC and Tom's loved one. If there is any comfort in the good die young - which I suspect not - then Tom was most certainly a good and kind man. However, in a current day and age when this kind of medieval behaviour is becoming more the norm I have no doubt all of us would swap the life of Tom for the lowlife who caused this sad and devastating loss to you all in a thrice.

With your permission the FMS would like to name the Middlesex Federation Shield - The Tom Brown Shield. If this is acceptable would you please join us on September 11th at the Final between Brondesbury Eagles and Potters Bar or Ham & Petersham @ Winchmore Hill CC so that someone can present the Shield to the winners - we leave who that 'someone' should be to your good selves as you know best.

I/We can only offer you the hand of friendship if and when it is needed,

take care

with love from us all at this time of your great loss,

From Eric Stoughton Treasurer WASHINGTON CC

we are sorry to hear of the sad loss of one of your team mates and the Washington CC sends it's condolences to the family and your club. We will gladly honour your team mate in a minutes silence before the game.