Next Year's Tour
Tue 14 Sep 2004 
Club news item

As this year's fairly successful season begins to wind down - remarkably it is time to consider next year's touring options.

There are a few - both domestic and overseas. As with this year - Pete has indicated that he does not feel able to put in the time to organise a long tour - although the usual weekends to Oxford and perhaps again Cambridge will be covered when he does the rest of the fixtures.

However - if we want a longer tour - we are going to have to sort it out ourselves. One option is to repeat the very successful trip to France that this year was done in conjunction with the Griffins. Next year though we would be on our own as they are not able to commit to going - so it will be a "proper" Pacific tour.

It's safe to say that the playing standard in South West France is not that high - so the emphasis is more on relaxing. The house is certainly very family friendly - it has a large garden and its own pool.

See attached link for photos and info - on the home page insert Property Ref F24181 in the box to call up the property details.

It works out as a surprisingly inexpensive trip if the house(s) are filled - and next year we can reduce the cost even further if we book for a week earlier -i.e. first full week in July 2005. I would estimate costs of around 150 a head including some food/drink kitty - but not transport - for the week.

We need to get a workable number of committed players and partners - paying or guaranteeing a 50 deposit - before 31 October to take full advantage of the discounts. If there is sufficient interest - I will get an accurate price and details of terms, deposits etc. So if you are interested - please let me know ASAP so I can see if this is viable.