Greetings from the Guys in Goa!
Tue 09 Nov 2004 
Club news item

Hi all.

Well after a action packed first week in India we have now found our way back to Goa.

After our arrival last Saturday we made a 1hr 20min cab ride to Paloliem in southern Goa. The cab drivers are mad around here, but I suppose busses overtaking each other on narrow roads and cows having right of way over anyhting may have something to do with it. I now sit in the back seat after that experience.

We arrived in Paloliem only to be crowded by locals trying to sell us accom and taxi rides. We escaped the crowd and headed for the beach and found some great beach huts. Once the unpacking was sorted it was time for the 30 second walk to the water, and boy was the water perfect.

That evening at our beach hut bar we enjoyed a seafood BBQ. We had the choice of freshly caught snapper, lobster, crab, king prawns, calamari and several other variaties of fish. We finished off the evening with a few Kingfisher's (local Indain amber nectar)at a local bar.

The second and third day was pretty much the same as the first, then on the Monday night we caught the overnight Konkan train to Mumbai.

We arrived im Mumbai at 0555hrs and headed for our hotel which was located in the suburb of Coloba. We had to wait until 0900hrs until we could go to our rooms and catch up on some sleep.

We finally headed out after lunch and straight away the living standards of the local Indain peolple was evident. It as an eye opening experience. No sooner had we hit the main drag (colobar causeway)I had a little boy all of 5-6 years old follow me and the rest of us. Then once he left we had another little boy or girl or a mother and her baby. It is very sad to see with your own eyes what these people must go through on a daily basis to put food in their mouths.

The local people are very friendly and will always have a chat and ask you where you are from. Once you say Australia they just want to talk like you (with the Oz accent and all) and talk cricket.

Speaking of cricket, what a game, hey!! It was a pity the game was over so quickly but the time we had at the ground was enjoyable. We meet quite a few aussies at the game. There was a fair few of us around for the game. The third day was the best with 20 wickets falling and the Indian crowd was just going mental, but at least we won the series 2-1.

Due to the game finishing early we decided to head back to Goa early. We arrived this morning and will be here til our departure back to London on Saturday.

Unfortunately I can't download any photos so I will send photos when I get back to work on the 15th.

I have to cruise as my hour is nearly up. Will write again soon.