VPCCL AGM The Salient points
Wed 23 Feb 2005 
Club news item

The following new teams were elected:- Victoria Park Juniors, Island Community, Traditional Corsairs, Goldman Sachs, Norfolk Enchants, Royal Inn on the Park & Vallance Bow. Teams that have dropped out are Reuters, Euro & Sleek. Newham & Dover Castle failed to show up & Chats Palace are still considering their future.

The League structure will remain with teams being split into 2 groups & then moving into either lower or upper tiers in the 2nd half of the season.

Cup rules have been brought into line with league & batsman will be obliged to retire at 50.

Teams who fail to fulfil fixtures wil be charged the full cost of the pitch.

Teams who fail to return silverware could be expelled from the league.

A one day tournament - provisionally set for August Bank Holiday.

Disciplinerary procedure to be written down & made available based on previous precedents.