Pacific v Strongroom CC at Wray Crescent  Sat 21-May-2005 at 2pm

UPDATE. Match Cancelled. Jon Gower from Strongroom CC "Peter/Rob I'm sorry, but I think we are going to have to cancel this fixture. Funnily enough, our problems aren't due to the FA Cup, but just a combination of the usual distractions such as holidays and injuries. I'm really sorry we haven't sorted this game out, as I am keen that we play some new teams like yourselves. I hope you will consider us again? Jon"

Match currently projected to go ahead as a 7 a side Twenty 20

19/5 I'm sorry to say that I have got stuck at 7 people. I have tried my best, but other regulars are either injured, on holiday, or just can't make it for some other reason. I read below that you propose a 7 a-side revised format game. I can put this to my team if you like? Let me know what you think. Apologies again. Jon

12/5 Jon Gower of the oppo's Views on match prospects in light of the cup final "I am hopeful. I will ask everyone this weekend, and I'll let you know how we are doing early next week. Is that OK? Like I said, I am hopeful we will get a team together. What's the point sitting in a pub watching football?"

Oppo contacted us "I play for Strongroom CC ( ) in Highgate Woods. We are also a team based upon a recording studio, so share that common ancestry! As for our standard, we are mixed like most teams, but with a core of 6-7 very good players who would get into most 1st/2nd XI's at club level. We play competitive yet friendly, non-league cricket."


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