Reality TV - Next stop Pacific CC
Thu 07 Apr 2005 
Club news item

The story began on Sunday with an email to our website....

"Hello,I'm a filmmaker developing a project for Channel 4, we are proposing to shoot a documentary in Japan in July. The idea is to send our presenter into unique situations and see how he reacts..

The project is still at this time in its developmental stage, and one of the tasks we have been given is to try out our "host" in situations in London.

We would therefore very much appreciate it if you could let us film a practice session where we could throw him into a net and let your bowlers use him as your guinea pig..

We are going for a slightly irreverent tone although the actual documentary will be more informative. This is the tone we suspect the prospective financiers prefer, so appease them we are taking a more "stunt-y" approach.

We will therefore take any responsibility for injuries incurred by our subject in the unlikely event that they occur.."

WHAT HAPPENED NEXT. Our correspondent at the scene, Rob Bastin tells us. The more sensitive of you may wish to not read on.

"It went fine. The guinea pig (Chris) had just finished with a sack, back and crack waxing (another cultural experiment) so was feeling a little tender as we started strapping pads on him. With helmet in place, he wandered down the net.

First ball (from Will Davies) was on middle stump to which Chris played the orthodox Pacific shot of jumping two feet to the left and being clean bowled.

After that he got a bit braver and near the end of the ten minutes hit a very clean swipe through the covers. The two camera/producer guys didn't really get in the way, especially since Will B and Daz were no shows.

After a quick bowling coaching session in a side net, they went and we carried on as normal. They said they would send a tape and asked if they could come to a game. I pointed them in the direction of the webside for the fixtures."