Vote for 8's player of the season + fiscals
Thu 04 Aug 2005 
Club news item

The 8 a side  league season is now over & all that remains is to celebrate that with that extra game at Highgate CC next Tuesday .    

Voting for the Player of the Season is now open & The averages are now up to date (the appearances above = the amount of votes you have & they can be allocated around or to 1 person - however deemed fit. The deadline is next Tuesday & the trophy will be presented after the match. If you are not going to be there or wish to vote ahead, please mail your votes to

Appearances S Purcell  7 P Hollman  10 S Rees  6 C Chandler 6 D DeKeller 6 S Mundie  5 J Davies  3 G Wiehahn 6 R Bastin  7 A Duthie  2 J Hardisty 2 J Campbell  3 S Emmins  8 J Smith  2 M Holliday 3 M Callender 2 D Roberts  6 J Hill  1 C Marathe  2 S Lay  2 R Allum  4 M Herring  2 O Bacon  1 J Gleadow 5 A Mohammed 1 J Herring  1 C Joseph  1

Finally, fiscals. The sum of the  club's affiliation fees to the League (circa £275 but awaiting confirmation) are divided by the appearances & rounded up to the nearest £0.50p. Balances will be adjusted accordingly for those with arrears otherwise statements will be issued at the end of the regular season.