Roberts Boys Tee it Up (But Daz Retains the Honour) !
Wed 24 Aug 2005 
Club news item

Down in Weybridge, Surrey, the challengers arrived to take on reigning champion, Darryl Roberts at his "home" course. Unbelievably, the whole course seemed to play right to left & many of us had to visit areas we'd never been - the left side of the fairway for one.

Roberts Minor, Duthie Major & all round sportsman Rob Bastin teed off in the 1st 3 ball. PBs from Andy & Rob followed & Darryl's round 100 proved enough as the 2nd group of Peter Hollman (the man with soon to be negative batting average), Allan Roberts (playing of unfamiliarly low handicaps) & Steve Emmins who seems to have consecutive rounds barely within 20 strokes of one another all fell away with sub-standard rounds.

At least Allan, did pick up the handicap trophy - at least he will when I find his card & Ade finds the trophy. Talking of Duthie Minor, work prevented him from teeing off until 5.35 & so ensuring fair play, Andy, Pete & Rob all joined him. The latter's 3 rounds failed to match those earlier in the day but with the last of the twilight have long since gone - shots over the lake where only found on or around the green by light from the bar.

Ade needed a 5 to tie but as the sprinkler system came on (as it did on the 17th green too) it was a 2 putt & plaudits went to the clubhouse winner who by now was long tucked up in bed.

The participants await news from The Daz to discover whether next year's post round curry includes a tee off at Southall GC AKA West Middlesex.

Gross scores 1st Darryl Roberts 100, 2nd Adrian Duthie 101, 3rd Allan Roberts 104, 4th Peter Hollman 107, 5th Andy Duthie 109, 6th Rob 114 & 7th Steve 115.

Handicap stapleford points:- 1st = Allan Roberts & Darryl Roberts 29 pts, 3rd= Peter Hollman & Andy Duthie 25 pts, 5th Adrian Duthie 24 pts, 6th Rob Bastin 23 pts & 7th Steve Emmins 20 pts.