JG King of the Baize
Fri 30 Sep 2005 
Club news item

There's a regular feature in the Independent saturday magazine where interviewees are given standard questions. One question is "You may not know it but I'm very good at....." I ran this past Pat in relation to the pool outcome & she guessed James Gleadow - the man was on fire & as for the old idiom about misspent youth...well draw you own conclusions.

The night itself was a scream as 8 of us took over a quarter of the Progress Bar. A round robin had the semi-finalists undetermined until the very last game. With Jim's defeat of Pete, he eased Jon W into a semi berth & ended the night on 5th place out of 8.

With James G making short work of Jon, 2-0, the other semi between Darryl & Matt drew the crowd before the latter came out on top.

so the final, James G finally lost his 1st frame but prevailed as the clock struck 11 - 4 hours after the tourney had started. Great pool & a new nickname for James "The Hustler" Gleadow.

1 James G p7 w7

2 Matt C p7 w5

3 Darryl p7 w4

4 Jon W p7 w4

5 Jim p7 w3

6 Pete p7 w3

7 James p7 w2

8 Rob p7 w1

Semis: James G beat Jon W 2-0 & Matt C beat Darryl 2-1

Final James G beat Matt C 2-1.