Back in 1992
Tue 11 Oct 2005 
Club news item

This was the last occassion when the single / double wicket competition went ahead. The winner was Ian Amos & the Runner Up Craig Jones. In 1993 it rained & that was the last attempt. For no other reason the Secretary feels it's the right time to revive it.

The 16 with the most appearances are confirmed & broken down into 4 groups of bowlers - openers, change, spin & occassional. The batting partnerships are drafted so the highest bats with the lowest, 2nd highest with 2nd lowest etc.

With each pair facing 8 overs - 2 overs from each bowling group - runs are totalled & divided at the end of the session by 2. Bowlers get 10 runs for each wicket they take while the batting pair lose 10 or 5 points each. Fielders & keepers get 1 for each stumping, catch or run out.

In each 8 over session, there is a pair of batters, 11 fielders, 4 of which are the bowlers, 2 umpires & a scorer - hence 16 being the optimum number & not much rest either !

Obviously a lot of pre- match preparation has to be done to ensure fairness & parity, so individual committment to the tourney must be strong. Contingencies are not easy.

The Secretary will check availabilities after the AGM.