Tue 28 Feb 2006 7pm
Diary entry

Venue is The Royal Inn on the Park, Victoria Park. Pacific attendees :- Vice Captain + Secretary who will be wearing his VPCCL Fixture Sec Cap. Attending Conrad Chandler & Peter Hollman.


Light. Or the lack of it. Well done to all the Captains who were able to restructure matches with their counterparts. Whereas Captains who insist on a full match with insufficient time thereby depriving both sets of players with a proper chance to conclude the match to its' finality. A Proposal is 1 over reduction per 5 minutes delay when there's insufficient light available i.e. 65 minutes per innings + 5 mins change around has been doing the rounds unofficially for 2 or 3 years now. Perhaps this is the time for captains to agree to these as official guidelines if all those here agree.

2 sides with players wearing dark or black track suit bottoms were used to bowl by their Captains - compounded as both from the darker end where the nets are & both used in the 2nd innings when it is inevitably darker. To save on batters having to complain or umpires wasting time by telling the transgressors Captain - can the onus remain with the captain simply NOT to bowl them if they turn up attired as such.

Free Hits. For discussion only. In the event of a front foot no ball being called, the umpire signals that the next delivery is a free hit as in Twenty20.

Umpiring / Scoring. There would still seem to be a demand by some teams for umpires & scorers. A panel of volunteers can be set up with teams who need these services applying directly to any individual to stand. Any individual will be reimbursed on the night the sum of 16 (1 per player). This can either be payable by the team requesting or by both teams. Umpires will stand as a pair so therefore the costly would be 32. A an independent scorer is also 16. The cost for the final to be born by the League.

Wides & chalk marks to assist. To defrain from painting these lines on all pitches & to continue the experiment at designated matches throughout 2006.

Following the aggravation & time spent by the Treasurer in chasing up the 30 supplementary payments, proposal is that all teams pay 250 for the season. Any shortfall be b/f to 2007 if possible, likewise any overpayment.

New teams to be asked to pay a one-off non-refundable joining fee of 25 in lieu of past trophies, payments & shortfalls / losses incurred by sides joining & leaving with unpaid arrears.

That a fully qualified umpire is invited to speak to representatives of all league sides gathered specifically for the purpose. Failure to submit at least one representative will debar clubs from the 2006 competitions.

That awards are raised for individual best bowler (i.e. most league & cup wickets) & best batsmen (highest aggregate run scorer). Submissions to remain non-compulsory as some sides put no stock on statistics but those who do wish to do so, must mail their 2 candidates by the end of August 2006. Trophies will then be presented at 2007 AGM

April & august start times to be brought forward to 6pm

Update the "About Us" page on the website.

From Conrad Chandler. Pacific CC Vice Captain The only suggestion apart from having cheerleaders, is that there should be adequate toilet facilities as people often resort to going in the bushes/or holding-it-in... the pavilion at 6.30pm is always shut.

From Sammy Purcell. Pacific CC Captain. To advise on the feasability of sightscreens.