More on Wray Crescent
Tue 01 Nov 2005 
Club news item

James replies "Hello, Thank you very much for your reply to my email. All sounds very promising and that things are continuing to head in the right direction.

To pick up on a couple of points from your reply.

1) I have been heckled in a very abusive manner whilst fielding near the basketball court. We have people walk across the park during games and at tea breaks footballers have been known to start playing. Nothing serious has happened so far but it all detracts from the enjoyment of the game.

2) The parking change will help. However, if someone is arriving for a game at 1.45pm (normally they would) can they top up the p & d at tea (5pm) to take them through to 6.30pm?

Thanks, James


If for next season you would like to contact us as soon as possible with your fixture list, we can try to ensure the Parks Patrol are aware of the issues that you are having and provide a more visible presence. This will hopefully defer the anti-social behaviour which you and your club have been receiving in Wray Crescent.

I have also spoken to Parking Services who have informed me that "Islington is a Borough which encourages the use of Public Transport. Therfore Wray Crescent will remain for short term parking only and 'topping up' of the meters cannot be done".

I hope this answers both your questions and I am sorry that the parking issue cannot be worked out but with the Park Patrol in attendance next season your enjoyment of the game will be restored.

Please feel fee to contact me if any other queries arise

Regards Noel