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Tue 15 Nov 2005 
Club news item

From Neil Vasey " We don't have a game planned on either the 26 or the 27 August. The only "threat" would be us reaching the Cup Final (due to be played on the 27th). There is a QF and a SF to be played 9 & 16 July. Obviously I have no idea whether we will make the final or not but would suggest booking that weekend as I'm sure you will be playing at least another SW team at some stage and we could swap fixtures or find another solution if need be.

The other thing to be aware about is that we have to present our fixtures to the school which owns our ground. This is being done as I write this and I have included both Sat 26 and Sun 27 as potential fixtures. Once I have news regarding this, maybe next week / the week after, I'll get back to you.

Anything else, please let me know My best, Neil ps - who do you intend to play when you're down in the area ?"


many thanks for your update. am still checking for accomodation availability daily but am still waiting for next year's availabilities to go online. Once I've confirmed our dates & numbers will come back re matches.

My 1st preference is Sunday 27th August to Sunday 3rd September. This would leave us available for fixtures on BH Monday 28th or Sunday 27th at a push, a mid week game & a final match on Sat 2nd Sept. OR you may have to be flexible & commence the booking wef Sat 26th so would be looking at 2 mid week games. Have you heard whether there are any other tourists in the area?

In 04 we played :- Bordeaux on a Sunday, St Au Ley on the following Tuesday & then 40 Club Spain at St Au Ley on the Friday. Something similiar would be ideal in terms of matches. Who the opposition is is not paramount.

all the best cheers pete