Rob Allum Invites.....
Wed 23 Nov 2005 
Club news item

Hi Guys, Sorry about the impersonality and indeed insolence of a group email, I would dearly love to write to you all individually but even I don't have that much time on my hands at the moment! Please reply though cos it would be nice to catch up especially if it's been a while...

Anyway, Me and a bunch of friends are having an excellent little Christmas Party (in aid of the CRISIS charity) on Mon 12th Dec at Water Rats Theatre on Grays Inn Rd, nr Kings Cross tube. Doors at 7pm. If you've been to one of our parties before (the last one was 2 years ago) you'll know that it'll be a blast! mainly consisting of lot's of live music( silly,serious,rocking,whatever) and some choice DJ'ing in between...and the odd pop star? If you haven't been before you'll definitely enjoy yourself. If not, I'll give you your fiver back myself!

All the good stuff will be done in time to get the tube home if that's important and if not we're gonna keep the bar open til midnight anyway....that's where I'll be.

Please,please,please try to get down and feel free to bring whoever you like along too, if for no other reason than to see me humiliate myself once again onstage. this year LeBon/Tyler/Lulu?...oh my god!! All the relevant details are here, including how to buy advance tickets...go on, you know you want it really!:

love, Rob.xx