AGM Minutes Part 1
Tue 10 Jan 2006 
Club news item

Pacific CC AGM. 9th January 2006 at the Lord Palmerston, Tufnell Park. .

Present:- James Gleadow (JG), Conrad Chandler (CC), Sammy Purcell (SP), Rob Bastin (RB), Peter Hollman (PH), Jim Davies (JD), Steve Lay (SL), Jon Webley (JW), Guy Wiehahn (GW), James Smith (JS). .

Apologies:- Shayne Rees, David Murray, John Hill, Matt Patel, Matt Callender, Adam Long, Darryl Roberts & Nigel Wilkinson. .

Start:- 7.45pm. .

John Sullivan from Islington CC was introduced by PH & addressed the members. Islington CC , formerly Wray Crescent CC, run 6 youth sides & offer twice nightly indoor coaching for Under 15s during the winter. A full set of fixtures are in place against the other local sides with home matches played at the revamped & upgraded Wray Crescent. .

The club is well financed & attracts grants from Chance To Shine & the highly desired club mark accreditation is imminent. A link to an adult club will encourage further grants as well as giving the youngsters adult cricket to aspire to. Such finance has already been put to good use with £7.5k having been spent a new wider, flatter, club turf surface as well as full kitchen facilities within the pavilion. Negotiations also continue for use of St Aloysius Sports Ground in Hurst Avenue, Crouch End which has recently has undersoil heating installed & 1st choice of the square will be available. .

The next stage for the progressive youngsters is to play in Development XIs which are a combination of adult / colts similar to large club IIIs & IVs or indeed Social XIs. As we are virtually an adult only side, we would have provision to accept youth players from Islington as & when. PH added that Match Secretaries can be advised of how many places in the XIs are available on the Monday prior to the weekend matches & this info could be fed back to John Sullivan Monday lunchtimes. .

8.10pm drinks break called by GW. .

8.20 Meeting resumed. .

• Minutes of Last Meeting.

GW informed all that these had not been brought as he had expected the meeting to have bee postponed due to the tube strike. .


Captain I.

In David Murray’s absence, JD gave his report. Overall it had been a good season although we had been cursed by a tough draw in the FMS Vase. JD also noted that the season had one unprecedented highlight which was the defeat of Washington & a draw. Captain II.

SL noted that the IIs had played under several captains – John Hill, Matt Patel, Martin Cowling, Kurt Rademaker & Braden Grigg - & this had gone well. SL added that he sees himself playing more games in 2006. 8s Captain.

In the absence of Darryl Roberts & Steve Emmins, those who had played in 2005 believed the season had reasonably well but SP added that if we were going to seriously challenge in 2006, then a change of selection would be required whereby if at all possible 5 or 6 of the weekly team would remain unchanged from match to match adding that CC was the key to this. SL agreed. PH added that the current league structure means that the serious matches are all in the 2nd half of the season when the cup & 2nd phase begins but in 2005 it was a 1st round exit & all 2nd phase games (as in 04) were lost.. .

Indoor Captain. CC had already left but popular consensus was that it was a fine showing given the 1st win since 2002 was recorded & a healthy structure & pool were in place for this year. .

Equipment Officer. JD advised that the club is now close to an ideal kit whereby there are 3 bags, 1 for Saturdays, 1 for Sundays & 1 for mid-week. He proposes to contact all captains with a view to establishing how many new balls are available. Any new balls needed will be Readers. .

Fixture Secretary PH “Last season’s healthy influx of players meant that only 3 games were lost by having to pull out with not enough players. April’s home match against Priory Park, Looksbottom away in July, Bentley Heath in August. We also lost 3 other games to the weather. Not bad for a scheduled 57 games incl midweek. As such, I have decided to continue with the structure of 1st weekend 2 games, 2nd 1 game, 3rd 2 etc. This should leave us with a fixture list of 40 incl tours & Cup (35 games in 05,it was 46 in 04). As last year I prioritised the teams we lost to & failed to regain the honour against but as it turned out there was room for all these bar Sunbury. I now have just 2 slots to fill & waiting to hear back from or plan to contact the following to fill those: - Weston Colville, Foreign & Commonwealth, Headstone,, Turnham Green, Edmonton, Theydon Bois. Following the weak showing & the security cloud cast by the Wenlock, the excellent weather has encouraged me to look to bring back the Presidents XI which even if doesn’t go ahead the position should be filled by a new incumbent. .

New games: - Single / Double Wicket by invitation to the highest appeareanced players. Strongroom @ Highgate Woods. Crossbats in Bushey. Graces in West Essex. Highgate returns & the 3 or 4 tour venues. .

Competitions: - The Federation of Middlesex Sports Vase. The FMS is now split into 3 separate competitions so we will be entering the Shield which is the lowest tier. .

The VPCCL AGM is in February . The Super-League will be replaced by 3 Conferences in the 1st phase & 4 divisions in the second in order to accommodate a projected rise in teams from 19 to 24. .

The World Cup. I have avoided all weekend dates England are playing but their progress may mean my attending to any problems this may cause. I will also ensure our midweek matches do not clash. .

Grounds: - We have 6 games scheduled at Wray Crescent + the 2 interclub games, as opposed to 3 in 05 6 in 04 & 4 in 03. There has been vast development again there incl £7k on a new pitch a kitchen in the pavilion. We have 3 games scheduled at Broxbourne, same as 05 though 3 less than 04 & we had just 4 in 03. .

We have 3 matches at Gonville & Cauis, 1 of which is away. We have 3 matches at Queens, 2 of which are away. Other new grounds are Sunbury‘s in Walton on Thames, Headstone (in Hatch end), Priory Park (at the Kodak Ground in Harrow) .

I have had a request to play Calthorpe at Broxbourne on Sun 4th June. Do those here believe we can raise an XI & accept. NB We play an all dayer NBW @ G&C the day before.” .

JS queried whether the club had any policy regarding time matches or limited overs. PH advised they did not but were agreed by the Captains on the day & that we also comply to the home side’s wishes. Consensus was that unless it was an all day match, those present who had an opinion would prefer limited overs. JD added that no opposition more so than Lessa Wanderers would this benefit more.

Social Secretary. None provided in David Murray’s absence. .

Webmaster. Ben Hardisty reported that he planned to revamp the site & give it a fresh look, as well as adding the requested changes including a picture gallery. There was general mirth that some of the pics needed moving esp this minute taker without his shirt. Seriously though, all present expressed a hearty vote of thanks to Ben as all acknowledged & appreciated the important, functional & intrinsic role that the website plays in keeping the Club alive & strong. JS also added that a forum would serve the club well & would enable members to discuss & debate issues. .

Child Safety Officer Report. RB advised that no formal report was available but however the meeting should note that CC is also fully qualified & SP is embarking on same qualifications. .

Treasurer The hot potato. GW advised that he had helped Shayne (SR) organise the fiscals & all that was left was for SR to circulate these before he went on holiday. It was clear to all the level of frustration that GW felt that this had not been done. GW’s view was that the new treasurer should take over from this point & that past bills would be circulated once SR was back. RB proposed an amnesty which GW said was not practical & that he planned to contact Patricia Hollman who had also helped SR in November & who would be standing as the new incumbent.

More to follow later.