AGM Minutes Continued
Wed 11 Jan 2006 
Club news item

Election of Club Posts

Club & 1st XI Captain.

SP proposed JD. JS proposed JW & 2nd by PH. Discussion & consensus arrived at JD as Captain & JW with Nigel Wilkinson (NW)as his vices.

2nd XI Captain.

SL announced willingness to stand. Proposed by RB. 2nd by JW. RB advised prepared to stand as Vice, proposed by SL, 2nd by SP. Both elected.

Indoor Captain

CC nominated by RB 2nd by PH.. PH nominated by SP & 2nd by SL. Consensus agreed that CC would be Captain & PH vice.

8s Captain

SP nominated CC, RB nominated SP, JD 2nd SP. SP elected as Captain & CC as vice.


RB nominated Patricia Hollman (PAH), 2nd by SL. GW proposed by JD & 2nd by JW. GW declined nomination. PAH elected.


JD nominated GW, 2nd PH. No other standing. GW duly elected.

Vice Chairman

JS nominated JG, SP 2nd Elected unopposed.

Fixture & Club Secretary

RB nominated PH, 2nd by SL. Elected unopposed.

Equipment Officer

JD nominated by PH & 2nd by JW. Elected unopposed. Membership. The following members who are to be formally offered Full membership:- Jaikishan Rajaraman, Charlie Davids, James Smith, James Gleadow, Shane Mundie, Adam Long, Matthew Callender, Simon Smith & Chris Akin.

The following members are to be offered Associate Membership:- Conrad Chandler, Alex McKillop, ob Woodcock, & Al Korinek.

Winter Nets.

Those in attendance’s preferences were taken in order or appearance by PH & will be posted up on site.


JD proposed The Neo-Natel Unit at Whittington Hospital. PH proposed Chance to Shine. The former was 2nd by SP & passed. 9.30 pm Drinks break. 9.40pm resumed.

France tour. PH advised that the latest news circular had been sent out that day. Still 2 or 3 places available. Transport still needed to be booked by tourists but primarily deposits needed to be sent in even if they were post dated.

Possible change or amendment of club line.

PH reminded all of John Sullivan’s earlier talk & that the club should be seen to identify itself with its area & with the colt structure at Islington CC . Several suggestions were left for members to peruse but it was felt that such an important change should be left for all Full members to vote on & not the 7 who had attended the AGM. GW agreed to raise a circular polling the Full membership however, as highlighted by RB, any constitutional change can only occur at the AGM so no decision can be made until 2007.


JD has volunteered to bring back & organise the Pacific Fantasy League & will consult Ben Hardisty.

JD was drawn as President for 2006 & his vice as Matt Patel.

Single / Double Wicket. PH advised the 16 players with most appearances will be offered slots in the event before PH drafts & circulates the format.

10.35 pm meeting closed.