Davies' Late Surge
Wed 22 Feb 2006 
Club news item

As the competitors came in from the cold to take their places in this year’s competition, the news was circulated that the holder, Darryl Roberts, would be unable to defend his title “Won't be coming to the Wenlock tonight as feeling rough and don't imagine crowded pub will be conducive to a speedy recovery.”

The tournament therefore began with Rob Bastin playing Peter Hollman in the opening game with John Hill – all the way from mid Kent – scoring. An early point for Rob as Steve Emmins joined the melee. Soon the round robin was in full swing & by 8pm it was complete. No one else had turned up. Put off perhaps by the weather, the georgraphical position or just that Arsenal were playing Real Madrid – which was also on in the pub. A 1-0 scoreline seemed rather too familiar but those left in the pub seemed pleased.

Eventually, Jim “Family Man” Davies arrived in the middle of a pointless doubles final which was going nowhere. The match was abandoned, & Jim took on his quest to play 4 consecutive matches – from top down. Steve who had a 100% win record continued his form with any quick finish but Jim’s rhythm slowly came back & he notched up wins against Rob & John before revisiting his initial form with a surprise defeat to basement player Peter Hollman.

The Semis – now best of 3 – went to form & so Jim & Steve went on to contest a best of 5 final. Jim was now well in the zone & the milds may have finally undermined Steve’s earlier peak form. Jim went 2-0 up but Steve pulled it back to 2-1. Jim dug deep & a double 14 saw him walk away with his first “Indoor” Trophy. A contented winner afterwards said “ The indoors winners don’t usually do well when it comes to outdoor performances” but it was evident that the new holder, Club Captain & President was keen to buck that trend.

Steve Emmins P4 W4 D0 L0 pts 4

Jim Davies P4 W2 D0 L2 pts 2

Rob Bastin P4 W1 D1 L2 pts 1.5

John Hill P4 W1 D1 L2 pts 1.5

Peter Hollman P4 W1 D0 L3 pts 1

Semis:- Steve beat John 2-0. Jim beat Rob 2-1 (highest score 140 Rob)

Final:- Jim beat Steve 3-1.