Double Wicket Single Winner
Wed 22 Feb 2006 
Club news item

The news is that the 16 competitors are now known & the draw will take place in one week. If anyone wants to try wicketkeeping for 8 overs let me know. Also if anyone is at odds or disagrees with any detail, please let me know before 1st March.

Taking part:- Jon Webley, Guy Wiehahn, Jai Rajaraman, Shayne Rees, Sammy Purcell, James Smith, Jon Brown, Allan Roberts, Adam Long, Rob Bastin, P Hollman, James Gleadow, Darryl Roberts, Shane Mundie, Matt Holliday, Matt Callender.

Batting Partnerships:- Jon Webley & Matt Callender; Guy Wiehahn & Matt Holliday; Jai Rajaraman & Shane Mundie; Shayne Rees & Darryl Roberts; Sammy Purcell & James Gleadow; James Smith & Peter Hollman; Jon Brown & Rob Bastin; Allan Roberts & Adam Long.

Bowling groups: Openers:- Jon Webley, James Smith, James Gleadow, Darryl Roberts

1st change - Shayne Rees, Jon Brown, Rob Bastin, Adam Long

Spinners:- Guy Wiehahn, Jai Rajaraman, Allan Roberts, Shane Mundie.

Occasionals:- Sammy Purcell, Peter Hollman, Matt Holliday, Matt Callender.

Keepers so far - Rob Bastin, Matt Holliday,Guy Wiehahn.

17th Man / Sub Fielder / arbitration = Conrad Chandler.