Aus News from the Radiomaker
Fri 07 Apr 2006 
Club news item

I'm pretty well actually. Summer was very hot and enjoyed going to the beach and playing cricket.

We just finished our cricket last weekend. We took out the Championship Final by 6 wickets. I was lucky to find and play in a team called Surry Hills which is close by where i'm living. We played in the 2nd division of the Sydney morning league. We are now in the first division for next season.

They took me on board even though they had a settled squad. We always had 12 or 13 for a game so if you weren't included in the first XI you would get a run on the field anyway. I only played a few games which I was greatful for. I got a run on the field for the final. It was a great day. Our side is sponsored by a pub so we all went back to the pub after the game and they put on a bash for us. Yes, we got absolutely smashed!!! It was great.

I have signed up for winter cricket. I will be playing for a team called Troopers CC. As Surry Hill doesn't put a team in for winter cricket a few of us have joined Troopers. We wear the coloured uniforms and it't 9 a side and 36 overs. We only play every second week aswell. We start at the end of April.

I have been reading the Pacific website and it always brings back the good memories I had with you guys, and I wish I was playing.

I see Tim is making a guest appearance for the J v S opener. Will be a great day for you guys.

Well i think the winter has arrived, it's bloody cold here at the moment. The summer is on it's way out mate.

The job situation could be better. I'm still just temping. It's getting on my nerves actually, but lifr must go on.

Anyway dude, hope you have a great season and I hope the season goes well for all the lads and Pacific.

Say hello to everyone for me.

All the best