Wray Crescent Facilities
Fri 05 May 2006 
Club news item

FYI, the following was sent to all Captains, but it would be best if a collective responsibility was undertaken.

I am sorry to tell you that I have had brought to my attention issues that have arisen following our last match at Wray Crescent which Captains in future must please take responsibility for.

After last Monday's match against Harrow Weald, the kitchen was left in an unclean state with dirty cups & food which should all have been tidied up & any rubbish should be thrown in the appropriate bins. In addition, there was more rubbish in the changing rooms including empty beer cans.

As you know we are not the sole users of these facilities & we would not be pleased if those were conditions that greeted us.

I have made profound apologies to John Sullivan & promised that this will not happen again.

In addition, please can you note that the onsite attendant, Terrence, is paid only until 8pm. I of all people understand that games going to the wire will mean we will overrun but he was still trying to empty the pavilion shortly before 9pm so again, please, can you endeavour to get players out as soon as possible & avoid dawdling & let him see you are doing your best whilst simultaneously being suitably apologetic.

I don't think this an issue in itself but if we are able to be as courteous as possible at all times, our reputation will be restored fully.