Mike Alexander
Tue 06 Jun 2006 
Club news item

Arrived at Wray Crescent after seeing the boys win at Lords to hopefully catch the last twenty overs - that is if you haven't totally given up on time games!! and saw the devastation.

Frank was due to pop along but I shooted back to his place and we had a very enjoyable catch up chat and cuppa.

It's exciting that Craig Smith shall be using Calthorpe for his boys and also that our old school could play host to matches for Wray, for Pacific and perhaps the joint venture?

I think this is the future - clubs within a reasonable radius of each other pooling resources. Despite cricket's new found popularity - it still faces many competing activities - some unsavoury like motorcycle burning!

Hope Pat and Luke are well. Sorry for being somewhat reclusive. Just had to throw myself into Calthorpe - not very good at multi-tasking - typical male.

Should any of the lads wish to come to socailize at Calthorpe I'm sure you'd be made to feel most welcome. I'm sure we could encourage Morris to extend his curry antics.

Hope to see you soon. Regards, Mike