Roberts Boys Do It Again
Wed 19 Jul 2006 
Club news item

Hot? My god it was hot ! But who'd want to be in an air conditioned office when you could be dragging your golf bag around straw coloured rock hard fairways & bobbly greens under a blazing sun. One of the several things Darryl got right was how many bottled waters were required. My 2 ran out on the 12th but Darryl's 5 were enough. Sadly, the 2fore1s were given short shrift in the pro shop as a printing error. Nevertheless 16 was reasonable & the course was certainly empty

The 3 balls were split into time of arrival. It won't surprise many that the 2nd 3 ball then was made up of Adrian, Darryl & Shayne. The 1st par 5 which was 469 yards dog leg left wasn't deemed appropriate nor suitable for the longest drive, which was lucky for Shayne as he later hit a booming 297 yard drive on the 522 yard 6th to take that honour.

The nearest to the pin was more troublesome & for those who know, none succeeded with a GIR on the 183 hazard plagued 2nd. In fact, yours truly was the 1st success beating Darryl's effort on the 164 yard 14th. This was the 6th & last par 3 so no trails were being blazed.

So the peripherals determined, back to the nitty gritty. And the steady eddy that is the Darryl Roberts 2000s model saw off his challengers again for the 3rd year in succession - at least that was the case on scratch. Allan who himself won in 1990, 91, 92, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99 & 2002 has since seen his handicap reduce to 25 by strategically dedicating a negligable amount of time to the cause. This proved his bruv's undoing & the 6 shots were made up & a stapleford tie secured - Darryl to lose out only on countback (whatever that is).

Surprisingly the rehydration lasted less longer than expected but enough time for Darryl to consider the 2007 defence which could be at North Downs or Woking in July. Surely it won't be as hot again !

West Middlesex GC 5894 yards par 69 SSS 69

handicaps:- Darryl Roberts & Adrian Duthie 19, Peter Hollman & Rob Woodcock 24, Allan Roberts 25 & Shayne Rees 28.

scratch:- DR 93 AR 104 PH 105 AD 109 RW 119 & SR 121

h/cap points:- AR 29 DR 29 PH 25 SR 21 AD 19 RW 15