Cricket at Wray Crescent & Islington
Sat 29 Jul 2006 
Club news item

From Noel Headon at L B Islington " Peter, I will look into costing for a matting but so far all people have come back saying figures of 3500+ which is not possible on this years budget after spending so much on Wray crescent (changing rooms as well as pitch). I do agree with you that we should have a contingency plan but with st Aloysius having a new pitch installed this will possibly act as a contingency.

Paradise park could be used as a cricket pitch however it would be smaller than Wray Crescent and Highbury fields would not be suitable because of the slope.( Runs would be quick on the on side however!) If St Aloysius do not get a pitch then a contingency plan will be need and I will bring this up with the budget holders.

I hope that the pitch will last longer than before and the pitch will improve with new football facilities at ILAM and Whittington Park drawing football away from Wray Crescent.

Once again I apologise for the problems that you have had this year and I hope the problems have . not affected your teams performances."

Regards Noel