A Message from Down Under
Wed 27 Sep 2006 
Club news item

The Secretary writes "On returning from France I decided to drop Braden a line re the following- I did get the chance to speak to Wynford Hicks who founded St Aulay CC about 20 years ago & he's always been at every match there. We were talking about the boundaries as there's so much space beyond them that they could indeed be extended & I mentioned the match in 2004 because with the 6s hit that day Braden made them look small ! Not only did he remember the game but he said he said Braden's was the best innings he'd ever seen there by anyone. "

So here's the reply....

glad you guys enjoyed bordeaux. i would have absolutely loved to have been there. ill have to check the website to see how you all went. i hope everyone is well over there and the summer is holding out for you as long as it can.

well, aussie rules season is winding to an end here which means the ashes are just around the corner. im going to three of the days so it should be a heap of fun. im trying to reason with myself as to whether i play cricket or not this season. i really cant be arsed to be honest. i had a great time playing over there, never training and just having fun but they tend to take the game alittle more seriously here. you have to train twice a week and hangovers arent looked on glowingly. so ill probaby just give it a miss and go to the beach like a bum and keep my weekends for holidays.

give my regards to pat and luke and give me a thought when you're tearfully bidding a fold farewell to that little wooden urn.

see ya mate, braden