Pacific recover to hold on to draw
Pacific v Exeter at Exeter  Wed 19-Jun-2002 at 2pm

1st match on tour results in "losing" draw - details to follow

Exeter 208 for 6 (M Ralph 12 overs 4-46, T Mileham 1-61, M Dobson 1-44, the other bowlers - I Lay, D Murray and P Hollman none for a lot) Hope 60, Newman 73 not out. Catches to Fritton, and c+b Mileham.

Matt asks the question

Pacific 157 for 9 (Hollman 39, I Lay 8, S Lay 0, D Fritton 7, J Hill 1, D Murray 7, M Ralph 5, T Mileham 62 (50 from 43 balls), M Dobson 7, L Yates 0 not out, J Warner 4 not out) At one point 62 for 6. Bridges 4 for 27.

Matt and Pete


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