Duthie leads by example
Pacific v Denham at Denham  Sun 23-May-1999
Won by 77 runs

On his maiden Captaincy, Adrian Duthie was a happy man. He had lead P back to the winning trail with this inaugural win against his one time home town club.

P: 180-8 dec. A Duthie 56. D Roberts 28. P Attwood 25. Ashworth 7-1-27-3
D: 103-10. Knowlson 29. D Roberts 8.4-4-11-5. J Baglivi 2-1-3-3.

Leading from the front his half century was top score & when bringing himself onto bowl he he knocked over Denhamıs top scorer in his 1st over. D decided to blood a few promising youngsters to defend their unbeaten record against P (w2 d1 c1), but it was hardly a full strength P XI either.

The pitch was better than in the past & Pıs batters were as positive as they had been all season. darryl Roberts revisited his early season promise & picked up a fivefer to go along with a useful 28 earlier, as well as the wicket of the dangerous Gary Hales, bowled off his pads for a duck. Brother Allan off spinning at the the other end, saw P get in a possible maximum 44 overs but the last 6 wee not required as Darryl mopped up the tail.



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