Keeper Campbell Catches Crackers
Pacific v Victoria Lounge at Victoria Park Pitch 1  Tue 09-Jul-2002 at 6pm
Won by 5 wickets

Joint Skipper David Murray reports "Basically they scored 79 all out in 12 overs, 2 wickets for Jim, Darryl and Rob, JC four catches, we scored 80-2 in 10 overs, Lucius 37, me 18 not out - batting for my average again - we must have put on just over 50. Another easy win. Highlight being Lucius bowled with 3 to win and Jim, due to come in next, getting Rob to bat for him as an "average night watchman." Rob came out saying he was reading his book and the next thing he knew Jim was pushing him towards the middle!"

VIII:-Jonathan Campbell*+, Dave Murray*, Tim Marshall, Shayne Rees, Jim Davies, Lucius Faisal, Darryl Roberts, Rob Allum.


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